Live Music Spotlight: Moonshine Ridge

I had the chance to watch Moonshine Ridge perform last night at The Barrel in Springboro, Ohio. Prior to the performance, I was not familiar with this band.

Moonshine Ridge is made up of Rick Giltner (vocals and drums), Randy Kassens (bass, vocals and keyboard) and Rick House (guitar). By the time they took the stage at The Barrel, the band had already performed an outdoor show at another venue on one of the hottest days of the summer.

It caught my attention that the lead singer was the drummer. That’s not something that you see often. Giltner has a good voice which is well-suited for the classic rock and classic country music they play. The setlist was great and they played some of my favorite songs.

Besides outstanding song selection, another thing that really makes this band work so well is the musicianship of the band. House is a great guitarist. All three musicians were skilled on their instruments and they played well together.

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