Molly Lovette Releases New Single Called “Break A Heart”

Music has been a large part of Molly Lovette’s life. “When I was little, I remember that I would put on concerts for my babysitters. I would tell people as a six year old girl that when I grow up I’m going to be a famous singer,” she said.

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She did talent shows, but she didn’t seriously pursue music until she was 14. She had been focusing on basketball, but she was diagnosed with a tumor. She said she learned to play guitar during that time because she couldn’t play sports or do anything else.

After high school, Lovette went to Murray State University for a year. She talked to her parents and the three of them decided that she should do music full time. She moved back home to St. Louis, Missouri for a little while before they moved to Nashville.

It was during her time at Murray State University that she wrote “Break A Heart,” which was released on Friday. Break A Heart. “It was actually during my freshman year in college. I was in a relationship and I knew that it needed to end, not because anyone had done anything wrong, but just because I knew it wasn’t the right thing for me,” she said.

Lovette said she was going to have to break up with this person and I’d never had to break up with anyone before. “I didn’t know how to do it. I didn’t want to hurt anybody,” she said. She started journaling and I wrote down the phrase, ‘how do you find the words to break a heart.'” When she wrote it down, she said that she kept staring at it and knew it was a song. “I sat down right then and there and I wrote the whole song,” she said.

Lovette said that she didn’t start to start recording until about a year later in Nashville and she didn’t actually record “Break A Heart” until last year. There were other songs that she wanted to release first. “This is where “Break A Heart” fell,” she said.

“I write all my songs about my life and my experiences and hope that people can relate or pull some sort of message or something from the songs,” Lovette said, adding that she hopes that people will feel like they have someone on their side when they listen to her music. “If we’re feeling sad, we go to find a song that relates to us. I hope that people can find that with my music and find comfort in listening to a lot of my songs,” she said.

Lovette said she has recorded three new songs and they will be spread out over this year.

Lovette said she has been writing songs since she was little. “Obviously my songs when I was five years old aren’t like my songs right now,” she said. Her writing has improved with time and experience. She said her producer has given her some tips and tricks.

Lovette said has been able to network with other writers. “Anywhere I go now, any round I play, there’s somebody there that I know,” she said, adding that she has been able to do a lot of co-writing. She said she is currently booked for co-writes through May.

When the pandemic began last year, Lovette said she was living in St. Louis, but she was going to Nashville a lot and recording. She said she has learned over the last year not to take things for granted. She said she did a weekly series on Facebook lives and she would like to continue doing that. “I feel like somehow I was actually able to connect more with the fans and people through social media and things,” she said. Lovette received messages after the shows sometimes from people saying that they really appreciated her doing the shows and looked forward to them.

Another thing Lovette started doing was getting into cooking since she is living on her own now. She said her favorite thing to cook is peppers stuffed with buffalo chicken dip.

Lovette is part of a really big Irish family and she said they are “super close.” Her family is typically a part of St. Patrick’s Day parade in St. Louis. She said her family has done that since before she was born. This year, the parade in St. Louis has been cancelled, so her family will be celebrating at her parents house.

Lovette said her goal is to have her music played on mainstream radio and she also hopes to headline an international tour someday. For more information about Lovette and her music, people can visit her website, Her Facebook page can be found at @mol.lovette and she is @mollylovette on Twitter.

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  1. Molly,
    I have NO doubt you will reach every goal and break alot of hearts along the way! Only because Mr. RIGHT is waiting patiently. You are from good people, good family and good faith. Let your light shine doll!!! Best wishes and never forget YOUR fans. God bless you!

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