Review: JM Stevens – Invisible Lines

Singer-songwriter JM Stevens will release his solo debut album Invisible Lines on Nov. 8. He has been a part of the Moonlight Towers, a band based in Austin, Texas. After 15 years and four albums with Moonlight Towers, Stevens is a seasoned singer and it shows in his solo debut.

Invisible Lines is an album made up of nine songs, most of which are up-tempo. These are well-written songs and they are performed by skilled musicians. I really like the production of the songs. They are not overproduced and allows the songs to speak for themselves.

The album’s first track is called “Runaway Stare” and it’s a great track. I hope it is released as a single from this album. This song feels like it is the beginning of a journey. This song establishes a feeling of longing for something better on the road to find happiness.

This is one of those albums that I think need to be heard in its entirety and should be listened to in the order in which it was recorded. I could be wrong, but I think Stevens probably put these songs in this order for a reason and listening to them out of sequence can take away from the intended message.

Listen to “Anyway” by JM Stevens:

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