Review: Shawn Colvin – Steady On (30th Anniversary)

It’s been 30 years since singer-songwriter released her Steady On album in 1989. The album earned Colvin the Best Contemporary Folk Album Grammy award in 1991. To commemorate the anniversary, Colvin has released a new acoustic version of the album.

I love listening to music when it’s just a great vocalist and a guitar (or piano). It’s not something that every artist is able to pull off successfully. Colvin is a strong vocalist and it works very well for this set of songs in particular. This stripped-down version puts the spotlight on the lyrics of these songs, which is exactly where it belongs.

There’s a lot of songs and albums that are being released today that won’t be relevant three decades from now. That’s not the case with this album. The songs contained on Steady On are timeless and will still be relevant in another 30 years.

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