Rick’s Picks (Country Music Views) – Week Of Oct. 13

  1. William and Wanda – Cody Jinks. This is an album track from the “After The Fire” album, which was released on Oct. 11. This is the first song that Cody Jinks wrote with his wife, Rebecca. He wrote on his website that he started the song after his grandfather’s funeral. The song tells a story of a conversation that probably would happen once his grandfather got to Heaven and was reunited with his wife and their child.

2. I Love You Woman – Dallas Moore. This song is an album track from Dallas Moore’s “Tryin’ To Be A Blessing” album, which was released on Oct. 4. This is a great album. A full review will be posted on Country Music Views within the next week. This is a wonderful love song and I hope it released as a single. I have been fortunate enough to know Dallas and his wife, Jenna. They have an amazing love for each other. This song allows listeners to have a glimpse inside their relationship. It is a very well-written, emotional story about a man who was made better by the woman who loved him.

3. When They Lay Me Down – Lacy Wolfe. I’ve featured this song before, but I wanted to revisit it. It’s a great song. Lacy Wolfe announced recently that she is donating what she makes from her concerts to help a close friend get a medical treatment that could save her life. Kristen Day has a GoFundMe campaign set up to raise money for this treatment, which includes a stem-cell transplant and chemotherapy. People who are interested in donating can visit the campaign here.

4. Hope Comes In – Ava Paige and Jeffrey East. Ava Paige in one impressive young lady. She is a teenage singer-songwriter in Nashville who has been battling leukemia. She has kept a positive attitude through the process. Her new single was released on Oct. 11 expresses that attitude. It’s a good reminder that good things could happen at any time. Ava Paige is extremely talented and I have been impressed that she continued to play and write music even while she was in the hospital. I expect great things from her in the future.

5. Third Time’s The Charm – Karen and the Sorrows. I reviewed the new album from Karen and the Sorrows this week and I was really impressed. I like Karen’s voice and the songs are well-written. The musicians who play on this album are talented and help make the songs sound great.

6. Getting Good – Lauren Alaina. This is a well-written song with an important message.

7. Fire and Brimstone – Brantley Gilbert featuring Jamey Johnson and Allison Krauss. This song is the title track of Brantley Gilbert’s new album, which was released on Oct. 4. I heard Gilbert say in a recent interview that he gives all of his albums a faith-based title. This is a great song.

8. Tequila Does – Miranda Lambert. This is a fun song about tequila.

9. Feel Again – EG Vines. This is an album cut from EG Vine’s “Family Business album, which was released on Oct. 11. This is talks about how people can become desensitized with so much bad news with mass shootings becoming more frequent. This is an example of a good song on a difficult topic.

10. Country Music Won’t Let Me – Holly Tucker. Country music has had a huge influence on my life. Somehow, the song on the radio always knows how to put my feelings into words. I can really relate to this song. On more than one occasion, a song helped me understand my feelings or made a hard decision a little easier.

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