Rick’s Picks (Country Music Views) – Week of Oct. 20

I usually use my weekly playlist to spotlight weekly releases. This week, I am focusing on musicians who play bars, honky tonks and other venues. Some of these musicians aspire to play on a bigger stage and some are content playing local and regional shows. Either way, I have had a lot of fun watching musicians play in these places. The ones on the list are just some of the thousands of musicians who entertain audiences across the country. Some of the songs on this playlists are new releases and some are a little bit older. Some of them are singles and others are album cuts.

  1. Wanderers Prayer – Ryan Bexley
  2. Hillbillies With Money – Dustin Herring
  3. Take You Up On It – Kameron Marlowe
  4. Cheat On Me – Bri Bagwell
  5. Texas – Wood and Wire
  6. Love You Most – Laura Hamlin
  7. Cowboys Do – Blaine Holcomb
  8. It Scares Me – Billie Jo
  9. Pretty Heart – Parker McCollum
  10. Rock Bottom – Sasha McVeigh
  11. Cheers To Beer – Thomas Mac
  12. Behind The Train – Matt Mason
  13. Wear It Out – Sadie Bass
  14. 3-2-1 Kiss Me – Dugger Band
  15. Hating You – Raelyn Nelson Band
  16. Whiskey, Guitars and Elvis – Jimmy Henrich
  17. One Of Me – Jarett McAlister
  18. Burn The Boat – Matt Rogers
  19. We Need To Talk – Charly Reynolds
  20. We Drink Beer – Garrett Speer
  21. Wild Hair – CJ Solar
  22. Ghost Stories – Haley Mae Campbell
  23. Who’s Counting – Kelsey Lamb
  24. Long Way From Lonely Tonight – J Edwards
  25. History – Sam Grow

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