Rick’s Picks Playlist (Country Music Views) – Week of Sept. 15

I started this playlist to bring exposure to some great songs. With many new songs and albums being released weekly, I am not always able to do a story specifically on each one. This gives me an opportunity to share some of these songs. My weekly playlist is a combination of new singles and some of my favorite album cuts. Below, I have given a short explanation as to why I have included each song on this week’s playlist.

  1. Bible And A .44 – Trisha Yearwood featuring Patty Loveless. I have loved this song for a while. It was written and recorded by Ashley McBryde. It reminded me of my dad, who passed away in 2016. I love this version of the song. I have always loved Trisha Yearwood’s voice and including Patty Loveless on the song makes it even better.

2. The One – Bailey James. September is National Suicide Prevention Month and Bailey James does a lot of work for suicide awareness and suicide prevention. “The One” is a powerful song.

3. If You Are Not Here – Dale Watson. It seems there has been a new interest in Dale Watson’s music lately. There’s good reason for that. His songs are great and they are timeless.

4. Georgia Buck – Rhiannon Giddens. I enjoy listening to Rhiannon Giddens play and sing. This is a great song that showcases both.

5. That’s How I Feel – Dori Freeman. This song is about a common feeling and the imagery is what really makes it special.

6. Love Is Stronger – Matt Kennon. I think Matt Kennon has a great voice this is a powerful song that encourages people going through a hard time not to give up.

7. April May – James Robert Webb. This is a great up-tempo love song.

8. Whatever Gets You Through The Night – Erin Enderlin. This is a song about the things people do to help them make it through a less than idea situation. The imagery in this song makes it stand apart.

9. Teddy Wilson – Matt Dorrien. I like Matt Dorrien’s voice. This sounds reminds me of a cross between The Beatles and Pink Floyd. It reminds me of a time when songs were used to make a social or political statement.

10. Half Past You – Alex Hall. I wasn’t familiar with Alex Hall before hearing this song. I really enjoyed this song. It has a catchy beat and chorus that may be in my head all day. I’m ok with that.

11. Slingshot – Stephanie Owens. This is another song that can be inspiring to those who hear it. The song encourages listeners to not allow the struggles in life to get them down and keep working to achieve their goals and dreams.

12. Drink About Me – Brett Kissel. I am looking forward to see Brett Kissel perform in November on Country Cruising. He took home the Apple Music Fans’ Choice Award at the Canadian Country Music Awards this year. He is a popular artist in Canada and was invited to open a show in Canada for Garth Brooks. “Drink About Me” is his first single in the United States.

13. Ain’t Got No Money – Justin Townes Earle. Justin Townes Earle can sing and this is sounds different than some songs that are being released today. From the title, I thought this could be a slow and somewhat depressing song. I was pleasantly surprised with what I heard. It is a song that just might make you want to get up and dance.

14. Dang Dallas – Ruthie Collins. I first learned about Ruthie Collins several years ago and I saw her perform in a songwriter round in Nashville. I was impressed with her songwriting then and it seems it has only improved in the years since then.

15. A World Without Haggard – Vince Gill. I admire Vince Gill as a person, a singer and a songwriter. Merle Haggard left a musical legacy behind like few other stars have been able to do. This song is a fitting tribute.

16. Oh, Sister – Logan Ledger featuring Courtney Marie Andrews. This is a song from Logan Ledger’s new EP, which was produced by T Bone Burnett. “Oh, Sister” is a cover of a Bob Dylan song and it features Courtney Marie Andrews.

17. Before The Rice Hits The Ground – Reverie Lane. Presley Tucker and Spencer Bartoletti make up Reverie Lane and they have recently released a new album. I picked this song for the playlist because it fun uptempo song that paints a vivid picture with the lyrics.

18. Eve Boards A Train – Humbird. I interviewed Siri Undlin of Humbird a few weeks ago. I was impressed both by her and her level of songwriting. I like that her songs are so unique, creative and original.

19. Figurine – Lauren Marsh. This is a very powerful song. The music sets the tone and the lyrics carry a powerful message. Lauren Marsh has a good voice and this is a well-written song. I included this song in this playlist because I believe this is a song that needs to be heard. This is one of those songs that could impact the lives of those who hear it.

20. The Father, My Son, And The Holy Ghost – Craig Morgan. Craig Morgan wrote this emotional song to tribute his son, Jerry, who passed away in 2016. This song has gone viral since it was released late last month. It has gone viral and it went to number one on the iTunes all-genres chart, partially thanks to Blake Shelton encouraging fans and other celebrities to help make the song a number one.

21. When She Wakes Up And Finds Me Gone – Trent Tomlinson. I remember Tim McGraw recorded the song over 20 year ago. It was a good song on a album with a lot of good song and it wasn’t released as a single. I am glad that Trent Tomlinson is giving this song a chance to be heard again.

22. Unwed Fathers – John Prine featuring Margo Price. I think fans have come to expect excellence from both Prine and Price. This song is great because of the story and the incredible imagery created by the similes and metaphors used in the lyrics.

23. 1, 2 Many – Luke Combs featuring Brooks and Dunn. It wasn’t long ago that I said “Beer Never Broke My Heart” could possibly be the perfect drinking song. This one is another great drinking song from Luke Combs. The fact that Brooks and Dunn are feature on this track makes it even more irresistible.

24. Vacuum – 17 Memphis. This is a great story song. I had the opportunity to interview Chelsea Todd and Felix Snow. The shared the story of how 17 Memphis was started and talked about their new album. Neither are new to music and their experience shows here.

25. 9 Lb. Hammer – Charley Crockett. I love the sound of this song. The instrumentation is excellent and reminds me some of the early music. Charley Crockett has a strong voice that makes a song like this work.

26. Work In Progress – Allie Colleen. I saw Allie Colleen perform on Saturday night. She is a great performer who has some great original songs. This is her debut single. I think everyone can relate to this song because we are all striving to improve.

27. We’re Not Friends – Ingrid Andress. This song paints the picture of two friends who have blurred the lines between friendship and relationship. I think everyone has probably fallen in love with a friend at some point.

28. Emily Miller – Avaline. This is Emily’s first single and it showcases her powerful voice. The name Avaline means “wished for or wanted” and I believe this song can inspire people to find their true self. The path to find your true self is not always the easiest path, but it will be worth it.

29. Alisan Porter – What If I Wake Up. Alisan Porter, who was a child actress and winner of season 10 of The Voice, recently released an album. I love this song. It is not uncommon for people to describe a great relationship as feeling like a dream. This song is about that, but it does not feel cliché. I could identify with the fear of “waking up” or something going wrong. I think others will identify with it as well.

30. Jason Aldean – I Don’t Drink Anymore. This is another great drinking song. It also makes the statement that people in a relationship shouldn’t try to change each other or give each other ultimatums. This song goes back to the sound of some of Aldean’s earlier songs.