Christmas Q&A With Andrew Salgado

What is your name? Andrew Salgado.

What is your current single and/or album? Learning How To Forget

What are you most thankful for this year? My wife, family and friends.

Do you prefer artificial Christmas trees or real trees? We have a fake one lol. Looks nice tho.

When do you decorate your Christmas tree? Right after Thanksgiving.

What is your favorite Christmas song?  What makes it your favorite? I don’t have one. I really wanna make a Christmas album one day, and hopefully it has tons of original songs on it.

What is your go-to holiday drink? Milk, preferably with a whole plate of cookies.

What is your favorite Christmas present that you have ever received? A drum set and a guitar.

What were your Christmas traditions when you were younger? Christmas Eve with my extended family and Christmas Day with mom, dad, and my brother.

How have your Christmas celebrations changed since becoming an adult? They haven’t changed much, we just now switch between my wife’s family and mine.

What is your favorite Christmas memory? Spending time with my grandpa.

How do you spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day? Just relaxing with friends and family.

How do you spend New Year’s Eve? Going out and having fun.

What do you typically eat on New Year’s Day? Hopefully sushi.

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution for 2022? For 2023, my resolution is to enjoy more time with people.