CMA Fest: Q&A With Alexis Wilkins

What is your name?

Alexis Wilkins

Where are you performing during CMA Fest?

Redneck Riviera, Boot Barn House Hard Rock Stage

What is your current album?


What is your most recent single?


What is the story behind your current single?

Grit is a song (and project) about diggin your heels in, singing the truth, and fiddle and steel filled country music. I’d had the title grit for a long time because it’s a value I carry throughout my life and I’m so happy that I get to share that message in this project as well.

What is your favorite memory from a previous CMA Fest?

CMA fest is the only time everyone is in town and you get to see all your friends at once! I love getting to see friends and see shows where people get to collaborate who don’t normally get to.

Why is it important to you to be a part of CMA Fest?

CMA is such a time to get to connect with country music fans from so many different places, when we go on the road, we bring the show to them – but with CMA, you get to meet so many people from so many places right in Nashville and it makes the country world feel so small and connected. Getting to hug everyone in person!! The history of country music is so great – fan fair, how much it’s grown, getting to be a part of the legacy is an honor.

What made you want to start singing?

I started writing in order to raise money for a charity, and that led to my love for music in general and the fact that I could help others with what I do. Now I work with a lot of Veterans organizations and that’s my “why” – its the force behind everything I do.

Who are your musical influences?

Growing up on Garth Brooks, Ronnie Milsap and all of the country music my mom listened to and concerts she brought me to really informed how I listen and play country music, the live show, the experience I want people to have when they listen to it. The stories and connection of country music is unparalleled.

Who, other than musicians, inspired you to be a singer?

I am a huge history person, through my love for history, my papas military career and what my parents have taught me, I have great respect and admiration for Veterans and what they’ve given for our country, and as I’d mentioned before, they are truly such an inspiration to use a platform to try to help any way I can. Their bravery is so much more than we can ever thank them for, so I am inspired not just in music, but in life, by them.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment of your music career so far?

I helped launch the virtual VA program through Musicians on call during the pandemic, and continue to release music that points to a purpose, we did a release for Veterans Day last year – I think for me, it’s really the continuation of supporting the message of veterans, patriotism, and doing good for other people while getting to do the things I love.

How can people hear your music?

All of my pages and socials are Alexis Wilkins

How can fans stay in touch with you after CMA Fest?

Listen to the music and come find me on my pages all @alexiswilkins

What are your music plans for the rest of the year?

Touring and releasing new music! We still have more to put out and we will do that throughout the summer while we take it on the road, so I’m really looking forward to it.