CMA Fest: Q&A With Century Drive

What is your name?

Casey Parnell of Century Drive.

Where are you performing during CMA Fest?

You can find us at The NashHouse Kitchen & Saloon just across from Fan Fair X at the Music City Center on Friday at 7:30 PM. It’s a free show so stop in and check us out.

When will you be doing meet and greets during CMA Fest?

We’ll be meeting fans on Thursday, June 8 at 1 PM in the Nashville Universe booth in Fan Fair X at the Music City Center.

What is your current album?

We dropped our debut album last year titled Staring at Stars. You can find it on all the streaming and download platforms.

What is your most recent single?

We just released Wild Hearts, Wild Highways. Check it out and let us know what you think.

What is the story behind your current single?

It’s about a couple that is living on a dime and a prayer. Their relationship has a lot of heartache; so, they decide to hit the road and the reset button. It’s about falling in love all over again. The boys and I love a good road-trip and Chad used to have an CJ-7 featured in the song!

What is your favorite memory from a previous CMA Fest?

This will be our first time as a band, we can’t wait!

Why is it important to you to be a part of CMA Fest?

Nashville and Country music mean a lot to us. We love the community that is dedicated to making great music and the fans who believe in the songs!

What made you want to start singing?

Each guy in the band will answer this differently but for me it was my mom who taught me guitar and made me sing in church growing up.

Who are your musical influences?

We have all been influenced by classic country and rock, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, but also the melodies of the Eagles. We draw from 90’s grunge as well with bands Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

Who, other than musicians, inspired you to be a singer?

Our parents. We are all preachers’ kids, so our folks are our heroes!

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment of your music career so far?

Selling everything, moving to Nashville and getting my first songwriter cut on a record!

How can people hear your music?

We’re on all the streaming and download platforms. Just search for Century Drive.

How can fans stay in touch with you after CMA Fest?

Fans can follow us online at the following: Website: Instagram: @centurydriveband Facebook: YouTube: Century Drive Band Tiktok: @centurydrive Twitter: @CenturyDrive

What are your music plans for the rest of the year?

Get on a big tour and rock the free world! We are recording an EP in Nashville this summer and a full length in the Fall.

Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks for hosting us in this interview, cheers to ya’ll!