CMA FEST: Q&A With Marye Amanda

What is your name?

Marye Amanda

Where are you performing during CMA Fest?

I have a round with Highway 65 at the Historic Homewood Suites. I am also playing a Benefit for Gary Cavanaugh at the Commodore Grille.

When will you be doing meet and greets during CMA Fest?

I have a meet and greet at Fan Fair X at the Nashville Universe booth on Saturday at 10am.

What is your most recent single?

My most recent single was an original song called The Other Girl released last October.

What is the story behind your current single?

I wrote The Other Girl after a real life experience. I went out with this guy, and he picked me up. On the way there, he told me another girl was going to meet us there, and he almost hit this guy that was running. It all went downhill from there. Instead of being really upset over having to go to dinner with the girl he was cheating on me with, I decided to turn the experience into a song because you can’t make this stuff up. It was released last October. I co-wrote the song with Jhett Wilder. It is an original song.

What is your favorite memory from a previous CMA Fest?

Well, technically this was the day before CMA Fest in 2019. I went to the CMT Music Awards at Bridgestone Arena, and after the show I went out a different door. I just thought it was a really nice uber area, but it was the artist area. They would not let me back in the arena to go out the other way, but I did get to meet Bobby Bones. Probably the most interesting experience of my life.

Why is it important to you to be a part of CMA Fest?

It’s important for me to be a part of CMA Fest because I am a country music fan. I love country music, and to be a part of a festival that has such a legacy is an honor.

What made you want to start singing?

I have always been singing my whole life, but I started writing songs because I wanted to write music that was not out there yet. I want to write about topics that sometimes people look over or more niche topics.

Who are your musical influences?

Some of my music influences are Dolly Parton, Priscilla Block ,Luke Combs, and Megan Moroney.

Who, other than musicians, inspired you to be a singer?

I would say my family inspired me to be a singer. When my Mama saw that I was musically inclined and enjoyed music, she gave me every opportunity to follow this dream. She is always at every show, and she is always at CMA Fest with me.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment of your music career so far?

I think that my greatest accomplishment of my music career so far is playing the Bluebird Cafe. I have had two opportunities to play an all-female round, and it is a very special place for songwriters. So many greats have performed in that room.

How can people hear your music?

My music is available on all streaming platforms!

How can fans stay in touch with you after CMA Fest?

Website: Instagram: @maryeamandamusic Twitter: @maryeamandam Facebook: @maryeamanda TikTok: @maryeamandamusic Youtube: Marye Amanda

What are your music plans for the rest of the year?

I am excited to announce that my new single, “Settled for a Small Town” will be out this fall! I wrote it with Bradley Collins, and I am excited for everyone to hear it!

Anything else you would like to add?

There might be an EP and music video in the near future too!