CMA Fest: Q&A With BoomTown Saints

What is your name? BoomTown Saints (Chris Ramos and Ben Chism)

Where are you performing during CMA Fest? We are performing on the Hard Rock Stage on Saturday June 10 at 12:15pm

When will you be doing meet and greets during CMA Fest? Right after our show

What is your current album? Our 5-Track Debut EP comes out on June 30 – It is Self-Titled.

What is your most recent single? “Blacktop Don’t”

What is the story behind your current single? Summertime needs a song you can roll the windows down and jam to while singing along to an uplifting message. “Blacktop Don’t” is spoken from a guy’s perspective about his lady who prefers to be anywhere but in the neon lights downtown. It paints a picture of a girl who is free spirited, independent, and loves life. We think it’s the summer jam everybody needs in 2023.

What is your favorite memory from a previous CMA Fest? Last year Ben and I were able to take our wives and daughters down to see some of our friends play. It was a beautiful day and our daughters’ first time at CMA Fest. Throughout the day we dreamed of being invited to play CMA Fest one day, and it felt like for the first time it might be sooner than later. That was a great day.

Why is it important to you to be a part of CMA Fest? CMA Fest is right up there with the Opry as steps required to begin to feel like you’ve actually “made it” in country music. It’s a right of passage that all of the greats stepped through. It’s been a bucket list item for both Ben and I individually since we each got involved in the music business. To be formally invited to play on a CMA stage during the 50th anniversary of the event is more impactful for us than we can easily articulate.

What made you want to start singing? Ben and I have each been singing since we were kids. For Ben it was something he was able to bond with his older brother on. His brother played guitar while Ben sang, and they even entered a talent show together when they were kids. Ben will tell you that’s when he caught the performance bug. For me, I come from a musical family, but also was an introverted kid with a lot of big thoughts. Music was an outlet for me to express things without people having to know exactly what I was thinking.

Who are your musical influences? Ben grew up on classic rock and country. Ultimately it was the likes of Kenny Chesney and Brooks and Dunn that ended up molding his sound. I grew up on Jazz, Blues, and R&B. Boyz II Men, Brian McKnight, and George Benson were huge influences. Once I realized that the best stories are told in country music, Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw were the beacons that led me to the music business shore.

Who, other than musicians, inspired you to be a singer? My wife and daughters have been the biggest inspirations for me. I’ve found words and melodies that would not exist without them. For Ben it is his brother Brad. He had a profound influence on both his sound and his love for music.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment of your music career so far? The biggest for us is probably what some would think is the simplest: Our wives and kids heard us on the radio. That’s something that can never be taken away and a memory that will live beyond us.

How can people hear your music? People can hear our music on the radio and all streaming platforms including Spotify, Amazon and Pandora.

How can fans stay in touch with you after CMA Fest? Fans can stay in touch by messaging us on Instagram @BoomTownSaints, Facebook @BoomTownSaintsMusic – follow us on TikTok @boomTownSaints or visit our website for updates.

What are your music plans for the rest of the year? We are on tour all summer. We will be in every corner of the United States (including Alaska) and everywhere in between. On the heels of that we will be releasing our full-length album and subsequently hit the road to support it. Along the way writing and crafting will continue.

Anything else you would like to add? We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to interview us. We know there are hundreds of other artists you could have chosen from, and we do not take that for granted.