Gatlinburg Songwriters Festival: Q&A With Judy Paster

When and where are you performing at the Gatlinburg Songwriters Festival? Here are my times! Gatlinburg Songwriter Festival Friday 3-4pm, solo slot at Gatlinburg Brewing company (with Jimmy Miller on Dobro) Friday 5-6pm, Writers Round @Park Vista Sat 5-6pm Writers Round Shine shack ( inside stage).

Photo Credit: Jeff Fasano.

What is your best-known hit song? ‘True Love Has A Cost’ written with Bill DiLuigi is definitely a favorite. Shawn Byrne produced it here in Nashville, and it can be streamed everywhere! But I also believe my biggest hits are ahead of me!

What was the story behind your best-known hit song? ‘True Love Has A Cost’ was my husbands song idea. Bill & I brought that idea to life thinking about the sacrifices we often make, when we truly love someone or something.

Of all the songs, you have written or co-written, which was the most meaningful to you? Why? I would say usually the most recent songs I write often hold the most meaning, as they are fresh with an imprint from my heart. ‘Back to the Porch’ written with Steve Dean & Cara Hogan is a new favorite, as well as ‘How God Made Me’ written with Bill DiLuigi.

If you could have a song cut by any artist (living or dead), who would that artist be and why? I’d love to write with Natalie Hemby and have her cut the song. She comes from a wonderful & talented family here in Nashville, & she is a beautiful singer & clever songwriter.

Do you prefer to co-write or write by yourself? Although I am creative with song ideas & music on my own, co writing is my preference! Absolutely love & need the creative collaboration.

What one piece of advice would you give to aspiring songwriters? Figure out what you have to say- and explore the most interesting, poetic, unique, or simple ways to say it. Learn how to co- write. Be teachable & open to grow in your craft. (More then one!)

Do you like to perform at songwriters festivals? Yes, absolutely!!

Are you on social media? Yes, you can find me at ‘Judy Paster Music’ on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, & Twitter. New to Tik tok but I’m there too.

Anything else you would like people to know? Faith, husband, music, heath, wellness, & peace of mind are some of my favorite things!