Review: Codie Prevost – Radio

If you haven’t heard of Codie Prevost, it’s probably because he’s doesn’t get a lot of radio airplay in the United States. In Canada, he’s a star. Prevost has been nominated for four Canadian Country Music Awards and he has won the Fans Choice Entertainer of the Year award at the Saskatchewan Country Music Awards six times.

He’s not completely unknown to country music fans in the United States. Prevost’s last CD, All Kinds Of Crazy, debuted on the iTunes Album Chart at number six.

Last fall, Prevost released his fifth CD. Radio is a very strong project and one you can listen straight through and not hear one bad song. It’s a CD that will probably leave you wanting more and that’s a very good thing.

Here is a review of every song on the CD.

You Won’t To Sleep Tonight: This is a great song to kick off a CD. It has a good beat and it is a catchy, well-written song. If you like this song, you will probably like all the songs on this project.

Take It Out On Me: Some people say that today’s music recycles the stuff that has been done before. This song shows that a great writer can take a simple thought or action and say it a little bit different. I won’t say this idea has never been done before, but I don’t recall any recent hits that were quite like this. I’m sure many female listeners will listen to this song and wish their guy would say these type of thing to them.

Today’s Not My Day: This is a great ballad that will probably give you goosebumps the first time you hear it. It carries a powerful message. I’d love to see more positive songs like this one on the radio.

Shut It Down: This is an up-tempo drinking songs. I personally thinks every album needs to have at least one because it makes the album more fun. I think it was very smart to place this song after “Today’s Not My Day” because it definitely keeps the mood from getting too serious.

Already There: This is the fifth song on this CD and I’m convinced that Codie Prevost has perfected the mid-to-up-tempo flirty, sexy type of songs. I like that Prevost doesn’t promise the moon and stars to his love interest in these songs. His music are more about celebrating the simple things that some people might take for granted. This is what makes his love songs more realistic and likely more appealing to the ladies who are listen.

In My Book: “In my book/ you can’t trust a man/who won’t raise a can of cold bar/ With you at a dive bar with you/ Every now and then.” That’s how this song starts and it sets the tone for a great song that gives advice on how to be a honest, trustworthy person. It tells you how to be a good friend and how to show respect to a lady. All these things are his opinion, of course, but I think he is right and you will probably agree with him too.

Loudmouths: This another strategically-placed song about drinking and having fun. Like the other tracks on this CD, it has catchy lyrics and you are likely to be singing along by the last chorus.

Old Clock Radio: This is another great ballad to end this CD. It is very nostalgic and it is a reminder that something like an old clock radio has so many memories. This is my favorite song on this CD.

You can get a free copy of Prevost’s CD by going to More information about Prevost, tour dates and more merchandise can be found at

Rick Amburgey is an experienced journalist and country music fan. He can be contacted on Twitter at @ViewsCountry.

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