Review: Renee Wahl – Cut To The Bone

I listen to a lot of music and it’s rare that I come across a release quite like Renee Wahl’s Cut To The Bone. The first thing that I recognized was Wahl’s vocal abilities. It was easy to tell that she is a great singer with a wide vocal range/ That powerful voice has the ability to take the listener virtually anywhere and feel anything. There are songs that may make you smile and there are songs that are likely to make you cry.

The songs on the CD are special. They are deep and emotional. The songs on the CD are very well-written with melodies that only enhance the lyrics to make them even more emotional. Her band, The Sworn Secrets, are clearly first-rate musicians.

There is a song on the CD called “Meds” and it’s a song that Wahl has said was hard for her to share with the world. One of the reasons for that is the song reveals what medications she has been on and how they have impacted her. I am so happy that she found the courage to record this song because it is a very important song that could potentially help so many people. There are many people who have to take medications in order to live heathy, productive lives. Sometimes, it’s not easy to find the medication that works best for a patient without a lot of side effects. An honest song like this lets people know that they are not alone. It can be helpful for some people to know there are others out there who are going through the same thing.

“Me Before You” and “Temptation” are two of my other favorite tracks. It’s so difficult to pick a favorite from an album like this because it is such a solid CD.

Rick Amburgey is an experienced journalist and a country music fan. He can be contacted on Twitter at @ViewsCountry.