Second Presale Window For Garth Brooks’ Vinyl Project Closes Tonight At 7:15 PT

The second window to pre-order Garth Brooks’ LEGACY vinyl project will close tonight at 7:15 Pacific Time. Brooks opened the window last night backstage at the iHeart Radio Awards immediately following his performance. Brooks received iHeart Radio’s inaugural Artist of the Decade award during the show and he also performed his hit “Friends In Low Places” with actor Chris Pratt.

During the first pre-sale window for the LEGACY vinyl release, 20,000 packages were purchased in under 18 hours. Since the vinyl release is made up of seven records, that means 420,000 records were sold. Forbes noted, “To put this in context, The Beatles were the number-one vinyl artist in 2018 with 321,000 sales over 12 months.”

One thing that makes Brooks’ LEGACY vinyl project unique is each package will be numbered. Fans were able to select a six-digit number which is meaningful to them, such as the date of a birthday or an anniversary. If fans don’t have a number with special significance they would like to use, they are able to get a randomly generated number.

These package will take a while to produce. Fans who purchased during the first presale window were told that they would receive their package in November. After the second presale window closes, there will only be a couple other presale opportunities.

To order the LEGACY vinyl project before the second presale window closes, visit

Rick Amburgey is an experienced journalist and country music fan. He can be contacted on Twitter at @ViewsCountry.